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Tech Gathering - Design (02.02.2013)

07 Mar 2013, by Marius Hole from Tech:Net

We in the Tech crew had a social and technical gathering the second of February. We in :Net drafted the first version of the network design. From there could we discuss the design with :Support and :Server to get input from their point of view. We are 32 people in total in Tech which are 100% dependent on teamwork to be able to change something or introduce something new into the design.

We ended up with a lot of discussions, as usual;

Before we finally ended up with a draft we all could agree upon;

We met with the others after the network design session,
and people are patiently waiting for food;

While some of us had to prepare the food;

And food was eaten, and people were happy :)

Peter (Organizer) held a little status update, and open discussion after the food;

And discussions were flying high and low after people had filled their bellies :P

And, as always, someone had to explain something on a napkin;

Marius Hole

My name is Marius Hole and I'm a network consultant working for Atea AS in Oslo, Norway. My focus is networking (core/dc, distribution, access/wireless). I currently hold a CCNP and CCNP Wireless certification, working towards the CCIE DC. In my spare time I play games, socialize, watch movies and TV-series

Crew: Tech:Net
Author image: Marius Hole


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