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27 Mar 2009, by Daniel Husand from

Finally weekend! Tomorrow it´s one week until myself and the rest of Tech:Net travels to Hamar to start building the network.

Todays activity is a private project of mine; WLAN. I am planning to install 10 access points down on the floor with the participants. The access points will be lightweight and be controlled by a WLC (wireless lan controller) from Cisco. This is in no way a supported service or something you should expect to be stable. However I will open it up for usage by anyone who wants to. I have uploaded some new pictures in my gallery.

Also, as many have requested a translation of the blog, so from now on everything will be in English, enjoy.


As a bonus here is a picture of Håvard (neuro) showing the wrong way to install antennas.


Daniel Husand


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