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Dave Täht, Bufferbloat researcher, to visit

17 Mar 2013, by Marius Hole from Tech:Net

Dave Täht will be doing research at The Gathering on the size, and scope

of lag related network problems over the internet and wifi.


Dave and his team were of great help in fixing our video streaming last year,
and we figured it would be handy to have him on site this time. He
will also be giving a presentation on "How to REALLY fix your lag", Friday 13:00.

The talk is about how "... Modern home gateways and routers are
designed to work with peak theoretical bandwidth - and not the
bandwidth you actually get. The bandwidth increases we have had in the
last decade have cost the low latency gamers really need. There are a
variety of methods - some newly developed - and others in the pipeline
- to achieve low latency in todays overbuffered, bufferbloated, world,
and *really fix your lag*...."

CableLabs_BufferbloatSource: CableLabs

For more info on the bufferbloat problem, see:

Marius Hole

My name is Marius Hole and I'm a network consultant working for Atea AS in Oslo, Norway. My focus is networking (core/dc, distribution, access/wireless). I currently hold a CCNP and CCNP Wireless certification, working towards the CCIE DC. In my spare time I play games, socialize, watch movies and TV-series

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