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17 Mar 2010, by Daniel Husand from

As you all have heard this year Ventelo is delivering us a whopping 30Gb/s internet connection. This will demand much more from the network than earlier years. Luckily Cisco has been kind enough to borrow us some kickass equipment.

Telegw (internet gateway) is a Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS-1) which will terminate the 40Gb/s fiber connection from Ventelo and interconnect with the core switches. The largest CRS-1 system can scale to incredible 92 Tbps!
We are borrowing the second-smallest version, and it can handle The Gatherings needs without breaking a sweat.

CoreN and CoreS are Cisco Catalyst 6509 switches as usual. We have had these for many years now and know they get the job done. They have a total capacity of 720 Gb/s each. We have set aside 160Gb/s for uplinks to ensure smooth gaming without any bottlenecks.

NOCgw is this year a Cisco Catalyst 6506. This means even more capacity for our servers and the ability to act as a redundant path if we have any fiber trouble.

Daniel Husand


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