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13 Apr 2009, by Elfkin from

The Gathering is over for now, and we have analyzed some of the numbers and statistics from our internet router. During The Gathering 2009 we sent and received 329 000 GB of data (that's 329 TB). Out of these 329TB, 2.227TB (or a whooping 0.67%) was IPv6! It may not sound like much, but it is certainly a significant amount. We estimate that somewhere around 47% of all the computers at the party had working IPv6 installed, so the amount of IPv6-traffic could be doubled if the IPv6-support for windows XP was as good as it is for Linux, Mac OS and Windows Vista.
A big thanks goes out to BaneTele and Ventelo for delivering the internet connection to The Gathering 2009!
IPv6 traffic incoming+outgoing aggregated:
The Gathering 2009 IPv6 aggregated traffic
Internet connection average (both IPv4 and IPv6), incoming and outgoing is inverted:
The Gathering 2009 bandwidth average
Graph does not show ethernet overhead.



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