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Fun facts

Some fun facts from us...

Link up/down

Our D-Link access switches have logged 133,184 link up-events and 128,996 link down-events.

Some switches have more events than others Some switches have more link up-events than others (x-axis is switches, y-axis is count)

This may be reboots, cables unplugged and plugged back in, eventual power outages and other things.

Access lists

Our access lists have protected the D-Link access switches against 25,670 connection attempts. This is probably random port scans.

[caption id="attachment_871" align="alignnone" width="300"][![As you can see it's mostly ICMP pings](/media/images/old/caption]


During the preparations we thought it was a bit cold here.

[caption id="attachment_872" align="alignnone" width="300"]nocgw-temp There is an obvious glitch Wednesday night...
This shows temperature from both inlets and outlets as well as some chips![/caption]

Lowest temperature reported from nocgw is 15 degrees Celsius. No wonder we were freezing :-)

Spanning tree

Spanning tree on the D-Link switches have blocked 11 loops.

Stats and monitoring

As some of you know we have a couple of nice systems for statistics and monitoring.

We use Weathermap for the big picture:


It's available at

Our good friends in Tech:Server have created their own monitoring system. Most of the system is not really useful for anyone else, but they have made some of it available for the public.

NMS can be found at


We have a wireless network in addition to the wired.
There are access points through the ship, so coverage should be good. Due to a large amount of devices, "rogue" networks and normal interference we recommend using 802.11a for best performance!

The network is not encrypted and the SSID is broadcasting as "TG12-WLAN".

By the way, if you see one of these blinking - think of us. (One of our crewmembers wrote to make them blink - and we might use it when we're bored!)

Network design

Some of you have asked for a look at this years network design...

I've just updated our drawings: This is the current (and working) design for our main network.


All participants are connected to either CoreNGW or CoreSGW via D-Link DGS-3100-48 switches.

(Update: I forgot some changes earlier :-)


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