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04 Apr 2014, by Marius Hole from Tech:Net


Some numbers from the Cisco kitlist:
5 4507R+E switches with redundant supervisors
166 wireless access points (mix of mainly 3602 and 2602, aswell as 3502 and a few 1142)
2 5508 wireless controllers
7 4948E switches
2 4500-X switches
2 6500 switches
150+ optical 10G transceivers

Marius Hole

My name is Marius Hole and I'm a network consultant working for Atea AS in Oslo, Norway. My focus is networking (core/dc, distribution, access/wireless). I currently hold a CCNP and CCNP Wireless certification, working towards the CCIE DC. In my spare time I play games, socialize, watch movies and TV-series

Crew: Tech:Net
Author image: Marius Hole


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