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Gain hands-on experience with Cisco using GNS3

28 Mar 2013, by Martin Karlsen from Tech:Net


You will not pass your CCNA without some hands-on experience on Cisco equipment. If you don't want to spend money on lab equipment, there is a way to emulate Cisco IOS using Dynamips and GNS3 on your own computer! All you need is a Cisco IOS image fetched from a Cisco router and GNS3 installed on your computer. It can run on Linux, Windows and OSX.

GNS3 is perfect for CCNA/CCNP lab environments because it documents your topology and makes your lab environment mobile and exportable. It is also a great tool for planning and designing computer networks. You can actually configure your entire topology, export the configuration files and import them in your production environment!

![GNS3 topology](/media/images/old/

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