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What the CCNA is and why you should become one

10 Mar 2013, by from Tech:Net

The :Net crew have received a lot of questions regarding certifications over the past few years, so we have decided to create a dedicated category to help you on your way to become certified!

The CCNA is a great first step into the world of networking. When it comes to certifications within networking, a Cisco cert is no doubt the better choice. Not only does it teach you how to configure Cisco equipment, but it also give you a solid understanding on how networks work!

You can achieve the CCNA certification by choosing one of two ways:

  1. Take the ICND1 (CCENT) and ICND2 exam
  2. Take the CCNA exam

To learn more about the CCNA, we encourage you to create an account on Ciscos learning network. This site is packed with useful information to help you on your way to become Cisco Certified.

If there is anything you would like to know more about, or any particular subject you would like us to discuss, post your questions in the comment field and it may be the topic for our next post!


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