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Dave Täht, Bufferbloat researcher, to visit

17 Mar 2013, by from Tech:Net

Dave Täht will be doing research at The Gathering on the size, and scope

of lag related network problems over the internet and wifi.

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<p>Dave and his team were of great help in fixing our video streaming last year,<br />
and we figured it would be handy to have him on site this time. He<br />
will also be giving a presentation on “How to REALLY fix your lag”, Friday 13:00.</p>
<p><strong>The talk is about how</strong> “… Modern home gateways and routers are<br />
designed to work with peak theoretical bandwidth – and not the<br />
bandwidth you actually get. The bandwidth increases we have had in the<br />
last decade have cost the low latency gamers really need. There are a<br />
variety of methods – some newly developed – and others in the pipeline<br />
– to achieve low latency in todays overbuffered, bufferbloated, world,<br />
and *really fix your lag*….”</p>
<p><a href=CableLabs_Bufferbloat
Source: CableLabs

For more info on the bufferbloat problem, see:


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